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Saturday, July 27, 2013 | 0 comments

           life is only a path full of efforts

finally i have time to update
so how life ? it killing me. my exam is aroung the corner and this is me still not study yet. it a shock news for me and my friend because of the exam.actually we always with PBS but my school change their mind and they make this exam. you know they will combine they question from form 1 to form 2. what a joke? . i don't understand what i learn on form 1 and they expect me to answer all the question. so the only way to pass the exam is i have to study hard from now.

but how can i study . exo comeback it killing. yeah exo gonna comeback babe/dance wolf// their teaser already out and you know what Luhan was just goddess. he never fail to make heart beat hardly. i just gonna look forward for the comeback and my exam.

the exam on 30 mean next week hahaha funny rite ? ok maybe not. maybe out of 9 subject i will only hope i will get 7-8 As (Amin).that alots of As.rite now my brain was a mess i have to cover up my form 1 and form 2 lesson quickly. history killing me  . you know that its feel after about year you dont have exam. rusty brain. that what i get.

that all.
wish me good luck