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Sunday, November 17, 2013 | 0 comments

                            the more u feel like giving up the more u can't do that

yo wassup :)
it been a long time my last update here.i'm just to lazy to write here /no soul//.i don't even know why i wanted to write about this recently my holidays just started and like always went school we want to holidays and then when holidays we want to far my holidays is ok

in the morning- fanfics&exo
in the afternoon - fanfics&exo
in the everning - fanfics&exo
in the night - fanfics&exo

so basically  my holidays just full with fanfics&exo.i'm sure everyone gonna go there,here&everywhere around the world hehehe but for it ok as long my laptop,wifi&food it by side i'm ok. sometimes holidays does not sound holidays to me bcs i don't hahaha.

maybe starting from the month yes december i'm start go to tuition or start studying for form 3 lesson. by next year i gonna face PBSMR my worse nightmare that thing. the replacement of PMR. i'm sure it gonna be hard like fish.what i have done to my life /ugly sobs//.

so back to the topic  UPSR hahaha
i already leave that era about 2 years already.time pass surely fast now i gonna be form 3 by next year but i don't suddenly i really miss the year of 2011 
that time i struggles really hard to get what i want Alhamdulillah it worth it.
i miss that moment really really much.

- went i answer the question
-went i succes answer the question
-went the result day came
-went i want to take the result
- went i lied to my parent that i only get really funny to remember back

that a part of memory that i not gonna forget.
that all .