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Sunday, November 22, 2015 | 0 comments
i know this will be very random post but somehow i think i should post it ahaha.
u know holidays just started not very just but already started i can say,u understand my language rite?
if u dont i dont even care muahah.

so should we straight to the freaking point.
yeah this is entry gonna be all about seventen babe

well basically as you know lately my interest toward kpop become from 100 to 0 very fast and dont even know why this thing happen but i guess i tired if all sm trick,u know what i meant.from the very moment kris left the group then luhan and now tao.

ok ok i should stop.

once again let straight to the point .
the group that consist of 13 members(so much superjunior feels)
i don;t what get into me,guess what iam so inlove with each one of them.
u know i the type that really hard to change their bias or group bcs for me loving a group meant i love all the things that they doing.