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Saturday, October 25, 2014 | 0 comments

freedom is slavery

oh god finally pt3 it already end. it so sound like i winning some war here. you guys just have to feel what feel right. for the time being i just gonna pray for the i really freaking mak cik hope that i will get straight As kata ko. i just one of my wish . please that As maybe not really useful yeah maybe because it just for form 3 and the year i form 4 i surely will be the most stupid person on the universe among the most stupid person on the universe.

so basiclly i think my batch will be like the most boring borang boreng batch make. it make sense what . you know like the last and previous batch after their pmr they have some activities they will do and some prizes waiting for them at the end while us the freaking sadis batch will face the final exam . yeah we have final exam come soon that waiting for next week. how sad is our life .

- first be the white rat in the lab that use for experiment
- honestly i still don't about the whole pt3 is all is like form A - Z

so this is what life is all about to be true. from i start my exam to the end of my exam oh my only allah know how stressful i am.but to be true pt3 is something like final exam or what because from my view we don't really feel the 'exam' feel at all. alright just want to . who the freaking still sahiba on their last minutes study, guest who ofcourse only my friend and i do that thing ? we too awesome to read books haha. but we still study okay.

and god please even the bm make me want to torn the whole paper up side down oh man from the the day i born serious talk i had the worse bm ever. but still i hope for an A for bm and some goes to the other subject ofcourse. pray the As for me.

that all,